NASA Wants to Build a Moon House

NASA moon house prototypeThe Christian Science Monitor reports that NASA has announced a plan to establish a permanent base on Luna’s south pole by the year 2020. That’s just 13 years and a few weeks away.

That’s more than a lifetime for a space program initiative. Many things can derail the progress of reaching out to other planetary bodies in the Solar System.

One has to wonder if the American people have the collective willpower to pull this off. Our representatives and sentators in Congress appear to be too concerned with advancing their own careers, playing politics, and disregarding the will of the American people.

Those of you who want to see a moon base established need to say something now: say it on your blogs, in your forums, on your Web pages, and in your letters to those senators and representatives you helped to elect.

Let them know that wasting 50 million taxpayer dollars on politically motivated scandal investigations is not acceptable. Let them know that investing in new technologies that will benefit everyone is what we want.