More Trivia Concerning Disney/Pixar’s “Cars”

French poster for 'Cars'.

French poster for ‘Cars’.

Route 66 News has a great feature article on the people and places that actually inspired places and characters in the Pixar/Disney film “Cars”. I knew there were a lot of inside references, but I didn’t know there were this many.

A Route 66 guide to the “Cars” movie is just a neat, fun read for those of you who have some time to spare from busy work schedules. It makes you want to see the movie more.

Of course, it’s not quite as funny as a big wet kiss from your lovable puppy, but then, I’m not really into puppy love anyway. But I think “Cars” is a great movie. And did I mention it has the nicest butte on Route 66 (sorry — couldn’t resist)?

And I’m glad to notice I wasn’t the only person to notice the “Doc Hollywood” homage. Real Disney offers a brief comparison of plot summaries from IMDB. Oh well, it’s a resource.

Another inspiration for the movie was apparently CARToons magazine. Sorry. I don’t know if I ever came across a magazine, but the concept sounds interesting.

Mark VandeWettering, Pixar’s technical director, has a blog site called BrainWagon. In a brief post, he discusses one of the technical aspects of the movie’s production history and debunks an entire thread at DIGG (not a reliable source of information, in my opinion).

For those of you who like apples (or at least apple-shaped things, if you don’t find them disgusting), Apple got a product plug early on in the movie.

Of course, Steve Jobs of Apple Computers founded Pixar twenty years ago.

Well, it’s hard to find more neat stuff about “Cars” out there right now. Everyone is starting to talk about “Ratatouille”, which looks okay to me but I need to see more.

Personally, I think Pixar needs to do a story about dogs and call it “Puppy Love”, maybe something where two pups fall in love, swear to be soulmates forever, and then are separated as they go to live with two different families. Can they ever be reunited and fulfill their sworn destiny?

I’m waiting to find out….