Lou Dobbs Goes off the Deep End

Lou DobbsI occasionally check news headlines throughout the day. Rarely does anything really catch my attention. But today I saw “Dobbs: Bush, Congress to working folks: Go to hell” and thought, “Okay, CNN is doing some rabble rousing. Let’s see what the Militant Media has to say.”

Apparently, Mr. Dobbs feels he is more qualified to determine wartime strategy than our generals. Frankly, I’m glad he’s sitting in his armchair, preaching to the liberal choir. Much as I would like to see our troops come home from Iraq, we don’t need another Bill Clintonesque retreat from Mogadishu. CNN made Mogadishu into a disaster as much as President Clinton did. By every military measurement, we won the battle in Mogadishu. But CNN doesn’t want the U.S. to look like a winner. They want us to look like losers so they can bash whomever is in office.

I’ll give CNN that much credit for their yellow journalism: they are only Democrats for as long as it takes to get the Republicans out of office. And then they are Republicans until the next Democrat takes control. Responsible journalism is supposed to rise above the politics. That is what they teach journalism majors, but at some point the media eschew responsible journalism and they begin whacking away at political parties and elected officials.

You know, if a Congressman gets caught with $90,000 in his freezer after the F.B.I. just videotaped him accepting what is allegedly a $100,000 bribe, I say let’s spend some public money and see what is going on. Maybe there is something there.

But there is a reason for why the Country Music industry is panning the Dixie Chicks. They have eschewed producing good music in favor of proving they don’t know a thing about international politics. It’s just so weird how all the critics don’t care who we trample in our zeal to be the biggest nation on Earth, but when it comes time to make amends and pay the price for our selfishness, we’re all supposed to be anti-war activists.

We are in Iraq because of 50 years of policy-making by both Republicans and Democrats. We are not in Iraq because George W. Bush has a personal vendetta. He may not be the best President we’ve ever had. He may not be calling as many shots as Dick Cheney is. But he’s man enough to stand up for what’s right and try to do the right thing.

I hope and pray he finds a way to get us out of Iraq because my biggest fear is that some anti-war Democrat will be elected in 2008 and we’ll pull a Spain and run for the hills like cowards. And then we’ll really be in a mess, because every terrorist organization in the world will know that the United States can be intimidated and frightened and bullied.

War is not an answer to anyone’s problem, but as soon as the bullets start flying, you have to make a stand. History is filled with the sad stories of nations and armies that turned tail and fled. They were stabbed and shot in the backs by the thousands. And in today’s shrinking globe, we have nowhere to run for cover.

We don’t need to let the news media determine national policy. We need to start accepting the fact that there are consequences for every policy-decision that is made in Washington. We just have to work through those consequences and strive to find the best possible path together.

Right now, the terrorists are winning the war because the American news media is terrified.