Face It – Our Expressions Move

Legolas gives Gimli 'the look'Well, here it is almost 4:00 AM and I’m supposed to get up and get ready for work in 3 hours.

Still, while sleeplessly passing the night, I came across this Leaf and Flower: Legolas and Eowyn post by Ningloreth on (her?) blog at LiveJournal.

If you skim the page, you’ll find my name, which is not nearly so interesting as an image of Orlando Bloom as Legolas making faces at Gimli. Look for the picture right above the line that reads “Michael Martinez makes an interesting comment on this look:” (Cf. my review of “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring” for context).

Now, I remember when I first saw Orlando glance downward at Gimli right after he said, “I’m coming too!” (or whatever it was that Gimli said as the members of the Fellowship started to line up for their official Group Photo Opp.

The screen capture is good but it doesn’t capture the expression properly. And in looking at it, I realized almost instantly why that is so.

Our facial expressions are not still shots. Our faces have to morph into the expressions we want to show, and then they have to morph back. We recognize the emotion behind a facial expression in part (I believe) because of the intro-morph and the exit-morph.

So, if you want to study facial expressions, you really need to study moving images. Otherwise, you’ll miss a great deal.

Either that or I just need to get some sleep.